Holy Ground Church of Deliverance Past Projects





Holy Ground Church Of Deliverance Inc has a long and proud  history of providing outreach and support to our communities. We have included  a partial list of our successful community programs.  Some of our most successful programs include:


"Cookies for the Homeless" - In 2011, our members encouraged their kids to hold bake sales in their neighborhoods selling home-made cookies. The proceeds from this cookie sale were used to support homeless shelters and soup kitchens all across Greenville.




"Family Affair 2013" – Another great upshot! This year's event was a culmination of a tremendous amount of work which was put in by HGCD's   School of Ministry’s graduating class of 2013. This event brought together
the collective consciousness of eight other ministries in the spirit of, community first. The smash hit of the jumping castle among the youth, the educational assistance of the medical, law enforcement and fire rescue teams, the fresh ideas and products from the venders, the Spanish and, English praise and worship teams, the church grounds ablaze with life and vigor and the feeding of the body with made to order delicacies cemented the  occassion as one full of kingdom building.