"Festival Under the Tree"

It's that time of the year when we "take it to the lawn".  Rapidly appraoching is the annual "Festival Under the Tree".  We look forward to an afternoon of games, food and barrel full of fun.  Children of all ages are welcome and a great time to be had is desired outcome.  The date for this community building extravaganza will be set shortly.

"Women's Conference 2016"

The heavens are open and God is very near.  Our women are "prayed up" and the fervency of expectation is about to peak.  We are excited about simply the anticipation of the very presence of God over the assembled gallery of women who love the Lord Jesus, women who want to know the Lord Jesus and women who have yet to have met the Lord Jesus Christ.  Your place in the encampment has been reserved before the foundations of the world.  So come and experience others who have also been "fearfully created".

Generosity in Greenville

Donations have surged in recent months, and we wish to thank all who have contributed so generously to our cause. Let's keep up the good work!


Also; the HGCD Bible College and Seminary would like to thank all who have given to this 8th year of providing a quality education at an affordable cost factor.  Please continue your giving!

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