Our leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them an incredible ability to lead, inspire and care for God’s people. With over 44 years of ministry experience among them, our leaders provide Holy Ground Church Of Deliverance, Inc with the inspiration and direction to keep the church moving forward and expanding in new areas as the spirit of God directs.



Paul D. Anderson




Overseer Paul D. Anderson, Sr. was born and
raised in Greenville, SC and was born to a very strong willed and God fearing woman, Katie Lee Mims. She raised Overseer to be strong minded, loving, and to put God before anything and anyone; she taught him to pray at all times and to always trust the power of God.


Overseer is co-founder and pastor along with his wife, of Holy Ground Church of Deliverance, which was birth August 24, 2001. 

He is the visionary for Scaffolding Men for a New Mind (a forum where men can come to air out their issues, struggles, and fears without being judged or condemned.


Overseer Anderson was ordained in the Lord’s house as a Pastor under the leadership of Bishop Muriel Anderson; he was consecrated to Overseer under the authority of Bishop Derrick Truesdale of F.O.R.M.I. He was educated in the Greenville County Schools, studied at Greenville Technical College, and
USC-Upstate. Overseer graduated with honors from Higher Ground Christian Development Bible College and Seminary with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. He sits on the Board of Directors for Higher Ground Christian Development Bible College and  Seminary as an advisor for the chancellor.


Overseer is the proud husband of Bishop Muriel Anderson, and father of seven wonderful children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.


He faithfully believes God for every promise. He knows that every part of his life was designed by God, even the heart aches, pains, disappointments, and storms has caused him to look over his life and smile. His words can be heard saying “I’m still standing!” Praise be to God the father, Jesus His son, the Holy Ghost!